Entry #6

Happy New Year + Important Update

2014-01-01 04:07:27 by BLT333

Hello again. Its been a while since I've posted here on Newgrounds (I find myself saying this a lot). I'm happy to announce that I will be getting back to work on my flash movie Like A Rock Star very soon. I had put it on hold for quite a long time for various reasons but I'd say that the main reason has to do with the music I'm producing for the movie.

After I finished making one of the songs for Like A Rock Star, my intention was to get that song officially copyright registered. However, considering how I've got a lot of songs and the fact that it costs the same amount of money to register a single song as well as a collection of songs for copyright, I decided it would be best for me to put 4 or 5 of my songs (including the song intended to be featured in Like A Rock Star) onto an EP, proceed to have the EP copyrighted once it is completed, and then release Like A Rock Star to the Portal after that. So I spent the rest of last year working on the EP. The EP still isn't finished yet as of this time, but I will strive hard to get that EP finished soon so that I can finally be able to release Like A Rock Star.

All of the voice acting has already been completed for this movie. All that really remains is the artwork and animation, which I think will be able to go a lot faster now considering how I got a drawing tablet for Christmas. I don't have an official release date for this movie yet, but I'm going to try and have it finished/submitted to the Portal for either March or April.

I will end this journal entry with a completed frame from Like A Rock Star. It's coming, it's only a matter of time now. Until next time, peace. :)

Like A Rock Star Preview


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